USA Today: Having lost in Congress and in court, they’re now using the most cynical of tactics: trying to make the law fail.

Having lost in Congress and in court, they’re now using the most cynical of tactics: trying to make the law fail. Never mind the public inconvenience and human misery that will result.

via PJ Media » Yes, the GOP Is Obstructing ObamaCare Implementation. Well I sure hope they succeed.

Rick Moran at PJ Media commenting on the “inconvenience”…

“Human misery”? It is unbecoming for a major publication to employ hyperbole in its political analysis. That term is something a lefty blogger might use, or some rabid Democratic partisan in Congress. If there is to be any “human misery,” you should chalk it up to 1) the incomprehensible and haphazard manner the law was written in the first place, and 2) the delay — purely for for political reasons relating to the 2012 presidential campaign — in getting the numerous agencies and departments to write the many thousands of pages of regulations regarding Medicare, Medicaid, mandated insurance coverage, and subsidy eligibility, to name just a few areas that government will oversee under Obamacare.

No amount of cooperation by Republicans could have made up for the unconscionable delays in issuing these regulations that insurance companies needed to develop new policies, that states needed to develop the exchanges, and that businesses needed to plan for the future. But President Obama decided that much of the bad news that has come out in the past few months as the regulations have been unveiled — including the spikes in insurance premiums in several states — needed to be delayed until after he was safely re-elected. Who’s causing the “human misery” now?

“Public inconvenience”? Allow me a short guffaw. The GOP believes that overturning one-sixth of the U.S. economy by implementing Obamacare goes far beyond a little “inconvenience.” It is a massively destabilizing law that, even if Republicans had cooperated in its rollout, is set up to fail.

The technology doesn’t even exist to make the state insurance exchanges work in the way that the law intends. And the dirty little secret is that the administration has known this fact for months.

So exactly WHY is the administration dropping requirements and cutting corners? Is that Republican’s fault? Rick smells the sweet smell of DESPERATION and so do I.

The constitutionality of dropping requirements or delaying mandates (see this article for more fudging on the law’s requirements by the administration) may be in question, but there is no argument that they are doing it because they are desperate. Their desperation is not a result of any interference by Republicans. The administration is running around with its hair on fire because of decisions they made all by themselves. They had three years to bring this program online and will fail because of their own incompetence and imprudence.

It is amazing that the president is still lying about how the exchanges will work at this late date. Indeed, most of the major promises the president made about Obamacare in his joint session of Congress speech on September 9, 2009, have fallen by the wayside. Millions of Americans won’t be able to keep their insurance if they want to. The idea that Obamacare will make insurance more affordable is a bad joke. The program’s cost has already nearly doubled from its original price tag.

The narrative the Democratic partisans mentioned above are trying to push is that all of these problems are the result of GOP obstructionism. If they had only done everything the president wanted, given the administration every dime they needed, and enthusiastically pitched in to inform the American public about the coming changes, everything would be peaches and cream and Obamacare would be a hit.

It’s nonsense, of course. Obamacare doesn’t need GOP obstructionism to be a disaster in both the near and long term. The exchanges may eventually become workable, although the time frame might be measured in years rather than months. Medicaid expansion won’t be too bad at first, but given the program’s ill health, you wonder how long it will be before signs of collapse set in.

It sure is nice the GOP is around to take the fall though. What would the Democrats do without them, look in the mirror? Talk about LOL.

And I’m 100% behind Rick’s conclusion on obstruction…

But Republicans aren’t obstructing this law because it will become one more entitlement that’s going to add to the deficit, or because they hate Obama. They are obstructing the implementation of a law that fundamentally alters the relationship between the government and the governed — alters that equation in ways that are at odds with the purposes and intent of the Founders. We embrace first principles because they supply an anchor to our past that allows us to maintain fundamental ideas of freedom and liberty in any age, under any government run by any party. Obamacare runs counter to some of those notions of liberty because it takes so many decisions about one’s personal and private life away from the individual and places it with the collective. (emphasis added and AMEN)

The obstruction charge relating to such a law should be embraced by the party, not denied.


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